Role of an Optometrist

The eye is a major part of body which actually provides you the biggest power by giving you the advantage of sight. The world would not have been so beautiful, if you did not have the sight to see it. In case if any eye problem occurs then you are required to visit a doctor of the eye.

There are many kinds of eye doctors available in the medical field. Optometrists or ophthalmic opticians could be described as those doctors who hold the responsibility for many eye related matter. They are the ones who prescribe your lenses, examine all eye related problems, provide visual advices, help the patient in any visual problems, prescribe medication for any eye related problems etc. They play a huge role in eye related matters.

Optometrist is a degree that demands a certificate course of 3 years from a university apart from other qualities. The next step is to opt for training as an intern for a mini time span of one year. In order to obtain the position of registered optometrist you need to pass a test during the intern period which is known as pre-registration year. When this is cleared you need to select which specialty or area you will work.

In case of any discomfort in the eye, then they will be the perfect people to go to. Information such as the suitable lenses for you for your eye type, the solution of the problems related to your eye. Although they cannot perform any surgeries but act as an important hand to the ophthalmologists by providing them the required suggestions and could recommend surgery. In case, if you are suffering from the problem of shortsightedness then they are the perfect people to rely upon. They have the best and perfect solution for all eye related problem. They also help in getting the best and perfect pair of lenses for you. They are related to the public welfare help for mass. They forecast the ways by which you could save your eye. They also educate you with the latest techniques in eye solutions. A great amount of tools as well as equipments is used by Optometrists for eye testing.

Process of eye testing is not simple at all. To detect any particular thing in your eye they may need some special machines or vision charts. In case of refraction, they may need special kinds of lenses.

Computers play a vital role almost everywhere including the field of eye testing. Ocular problems are widely treated by computers. Through the aid of special equipment, information related to eye is transferred to the screens of computer. This could help them in detecting the disease easily. The entire information of the eye ball is given via digital pictures which are projected on the computer screen. Anterior as well as posterior parts of corneas, all are known to optometrists in a very clear manner.