Eye relaxation exercises

Headaches are the most common problem faced by people. Many times your eyes goes tired as well as weak. There could be plenty of reason for this. Your eyes could get weakened due to the simplest reasons. Major ones are excess expose to computer screen or to television. These things strain the eyes.

Eyes could be termed as the muscles that got their crutches from glasses. Earlier, there were only a few people who used to wear glasses. It were generally associated with the learned man, and it was popular that those who study much get them. However, in today’s scenario it is not the case.

A majority believes that the muscles of eyes get weakened due to the effect of glasses. They believe that eyesight gets deteriorated due to the utilization of glasses. Eye exercise is the best option to get you relieved from any kind of strain.

How much this thing holds true?

Many bad vision habits actually cause problem in your eyes. Continuous staring as well as squinting is something which if done in dark is bad for eye muscle and can result in tighten the eye muscles and strain and hence result in deterioration of vision.

The strain in eye is due to overuse of eye muscle. Reason could be any of these: reading anything for a long time, watching television for a long time or the computer screen etc. These may lead to red, dry and irritated eyes. Eye exercise for relaxation could be the easiest way to remove any kind of strain and is very easy to practice. You can do it anywhere and at any point of time.

Few eye relaxation exercises which could surely reduce the pain of tired eyes and headaches:

  • You need to hold one pencil to a distance of an arm’s length from your face. Then you need to rotate your arm towards nose slowly and tenderly till the extent that your eyes could no more follow the pencil. Remember to repeat the procedure for at least ten times.
  • Just assume that you are standing opposite to a large clock. Focus on the middle of clock then towards the middle of the chosen clock. Follow this process for at least twelve times.
  • Take three fingers, press it against the upper eyelids, and let it like this for less than three seconds. Slowly then leave it. Repeat this process for minimum five times.

Many other easy and convenient exercises are available to help you in reducing the strain of the eye but these could be the easiest. You need to remember that regularity is more important than the duration of the exercise.

Very often, the term exercise makes people confuse and you need to understand that they are more similar to breathing exercise practices as it works to relieve the muscles of your eyes. So never practice it in the religious purpose or else you will miss the original purpose. Glasses cannot be considered as an ideal suggestion as it weakens the muscles completely. It reduces the effort which eye could have done to relax.

You never have to make any kind of special effort or you do not have to take any special pain in order to see as it is natural. So always, keep that in mind that your effort is to relax your eye not towards vision. It can only be done if you put your glasses in a corner and do regular exercise. Always remember to put your glass whenever you are practicing any unsafe activity such as crossing road or driving.

In case you are suffering from any eye problem do not forget to practice exercise for strengthen the muscles of your eye. It is something which is as essential as the heartbeat is to live. Eye exercise is something which can make your vision proper but it requires patience and discipline. It should be done regularly and in a proper way. Although it is too easy but still that easy process is known to you. You can rectify your sense without undergoing any hard medical practice but your effort is needlessly required here.