Eye Problems

Eye problems distress just about everybody at some or the other point in their lifetime. Eyes are subjected to usual wear and tear like other existing organs. As one grows older, one is expected to face certain eye problems that come solely with age. This is because our eyes grow old and weak and they are more declined to vision related issues which sometimes even results in loss of eyesight in very serious circumstances.

One should be aware of the numerous eye problems and the causes of such diseases but treatments are available. One should take care of his eyesight.

Dry Eye

Teardrops assist in essential functioning for our eyes. Yes, you heard it right. Tears aid in keeping our eyes moist and fresh by supplying vital nutrients for their growth and nourishment. ‘Dry Eye’ can be defined as the condition where tears are not produced in sufficient quantities to moisten the eyes.

Dry eye thus results from the inability of the tear glands to produce enough tears for the eyes. Tears are formed by tear glands located around the eyelids. Their production usually diminishes as age increases and sometimes results because of the side effects of medicines. In this case, tears are inadequate for the eyes as they evaporate quite rapidly. This is the most common occurrence and is called ‘keratoconjunctivitis sicca’ (KCS). Tears are formed by the combination of layers like oil, water and mucus. These layers protect the eye. The oil aides in preventing vaporization of water and the mucin layer assists in evenly spreading of the tears.

Causes behind Dry Eye

  • Age: dry eye comes with age. Usually people above the age of 65 face dry eye issues.
  • Gender: dry eyes are more popular with women. This is because women become more susceptible to the disease by using various contraceptives and menopause and hormonal changes.
  • Medications: some medicines can cause blind eye issues. Blood pressure medicines and antidepressants lessen the production of tears in our eyes, which in turn leads to dry eye.
  • Environment: the exposure to wind, dry climates and smoke can escalate tear evaporation problems. In addition, people who do not blink much when they are in front of the computers are likely to suffer from dry eyes.

Diagnose and treatment

An eye examination is necessary. Special emphasis should be laid on the patient’s history, proper external and internal evaluation of eyelids and the cornea.

The principal approach that is used in managing and treating dry your eyes includes adding of tears by aiding natural tear creation. Artificial tear results are also suggested. Conservation of tears can be done by obstructing the tear duct channels via which tears usually drain. Increase in tear production and treatment of inflammation of eye surfaces and eyelids helps.

Computer Eye

Staring at a computer screen for multiple hours on end has become common these days due to this information technology boom. It is quite inevitable that such activity everyday can put real strain on eyes. This syndrome is known as the computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS does not signify a particular eye problem. The term covers an entire range of strains and pains faced by all the computer users. According to many eyes research conducted, it is quite evident that computer related eye problems are very much common. Around 50% to 90% of the public who slog day and night by looking at a computer screen are facing this problem. Not only the working professionals are exposed to this vision syndrome but kids have also become vulnerable to this problem because children these days are quite hi-tech and computer/technology oriented. Be it video games or computer related assignments.


The symptoms include headaches and eyestrain. It is also characterized by blurred vision and sometimes there are indirect symptoms like lessened visual efficiency, neck and backbone aches etc. It is not yet evident whether 'computer vision syndrome' causes long-term destruction to our eyes. In any case, consistent use of the computer can lead to continuous eyestrain and distress. These symptoms include the following:

  • Blur vision
  • Double visions
  • Dry and red eyes
  • Irritation in the eyes
  • Headache
  • Neck, back aches

The symptoms if not treated, can really affect your performance.


Getting a proper eye test is very important. Working in a lighted atmosphere can prevent the problem. Maintaining some eye distance from your PC or laptop about 25 inches might work. A continuous glare can be disastrous as well. Users are advised to keep shifting their gaze from time to time to either the wall, ceilings etc. adjusting the computer screen’s display might also help. Use a bright but not too dull brightness display on the computer screen.